A Rainbow Transmission

To know all is to be all

GATEWAY COMPLETION last night! Huge process of integration completion of multiple gateways & passageways since 8/8 Lion’s Gate, 8/31 eclipse, 11/11, 12/21, 12/31 & 1/1, 1/11 & 1/31. Now we’ve begun (opened the portal to all new Gateways) and entered the whole next phase(s) of Our Multi-Dimensional Earth…. 

So HUGE we could hardly capture the double rainbows. Turned pink & orange in the middle as we passed through the vortex to “come out on the other side”. 

Here’s our visible marker of what we’ve internally and with our physical bodies accomplished/gone through. 

Congrats everyone! Celebrate and embrace the “new” and next too! 


Greetings! We are the Pleiadians. We are here today with a Rainbow Transmission for you.

As you know, a rainbow is a macrocosm of the complete spectrum of light. There are many colors which make up the rainbow. Some of you identify…

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The Super Bowl vs The Anomaly

To know all is to be all

The Super Bowl vs The Anomaly

by Patrick Amoroso


Perhaps ………………..

An advanced civilization of 5TH dimensional beings came upon a small planet with evidence of a relatively modest stage of evolution. As light beings, telepathic, clairvoyant and of an advanced intelligence, they were sent to monitor this rather odd species known as homo sapiens. The galactic lightship switched to total stealth mode of an elevated spectrum of the light composite and by doing so, were able to become invisible to any detection measures this civilization were able to muster by their primitive satellites and space forces.

This timely visit occurred on a day that this civilization sets aside for what they term a sporting event called the Super Bowl. The light beings were quite perplexed by the intensity, social cohesion and blind allegiance to this anomaly in the cosmos since it depicts the innate and inherent propensity for this…

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Ascension Posts by Joe

To know all is to be all

Once we exit the void there is no chronology and timing to the changes we will experience they will all manifest together so in listing them, and there are many, there is no hierarchy to them, and they should be understood as being combined together.
I will try to explain them one by one later, but will first list them together.
When we emerge from the void, our thoughts and emotions will be different. We will remember who we are, where we have been since inception as soul beings, what our soul journey and experiences have been and we will understand the Law of One better.
We will not have a pre-disposition to negative thoughts, emotions and behaviors and instead the reverse will be true. We will still have the ability to think, feel and behave negatively but our pre-disposition will not…

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Shaikh Imran Hosein- The one and only source of Islamic teachings and guidance in these times.

To know all is to be all

I personally know this man since 2010 when I met him on his native Island of Trinidad and Tobago. He is the simple scholar in Islam, who in my opinion is the one and only authority on Islam and the guidance it provides in these times. He is an authentic person; who has tried his best to stay true to his religion, while trying to answer the problems and challenges we face from the actors and forces that shape our modern, technological and “godless” existence.

In this pursuit he is relentless and restricts his views and abilities to remain within the Quran and Hadith. The holy book and the recorded sayings and actions attributed to the prophet through a series of books of narrations.

His immense ideas and work can be found at his website or at his YouTube channel.


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Mandate of peace. We are conscious creators.

Mandate as Creator God
Mandate in verbatim: 

Put down the weapons!

I mandate hereby,
who I am Creator God of worlds,
who I am an awakened consciousness,
who I am Human among Humans,
who choose Life: 

Put down the weapons!

I command,
That all weapons in this world be silent!

I command,
That all soldiers in the world
put down their weapons!

I command,
That all armies, which carry out wars of
aggression, will be stopped in their ambitions!

I mandate,
That this mandate must
now be complied with!

I mandate,
That human Beings will become aware
of their humanness as responsible consciousness,
to maintain life and not to destroy it, either as
a soldier or civilian, either as a slave or ruler.

I mandate,
That the heavenly forces level the path
for the new earth, and in the following
manner that all wars in this world will
be ended and that planetary peace prevails!

I mandate,
That every that is needed flows to
individual happiness, the freedom of
individual human Beings, to the benefit
of society of all human Beings.

I mandate,
That all heads of government, which oppose
the happiness of individuals, be now removed
from their office.

I mandate,
That this world receives new leaders!
Those, who stand up to the demands of
this time, who feel obligated to the property
of mankind and take on responsibility for
the wellbeing of the planet.

I, who I am a Creator God among Gods
mandate that this will now occur. 

Today war and death end, 
because due to my almighty 
divine will I have mandated peace
and life for this world. 

I am the way, the truth and life,

I am

Concluding mandates: 

1.) Repeat this mandate at any for you possible time
and as it shows to you.
2.) Translate this mandate into all languages in the world.
3.) Pass these words on as a symbol of your self-determination,
until it finds a hearing in the farthest village in this world,
because nobody can affectively and permanently oppose the
collective energy, which is based on the loving mandate of a
Creator God. Evil will initially be weakened, until it dissolves
entirely. Mandate this as self-conscious awakened Creator Gods
in human form, who have overcome human imitations.

What can we do in order to give the events in
this time a totally new direction? Here is the tool!

Thereby we save the world, thereby we enter into Heaven,
as it is divined for us and we return to God.

In infinite Love

Jahn J Kassl  

This mandate with conversation with Sananda, is immediately 

available from the Lichtwelt portal for free download. 
Translation from the German original by: Rüdiger Franz Rauskolb